Biobarrier is made of durable, yet flexible geotextile drainage fabric with nodules that contain trifluralin. It creates a zone around your hardscape and landscape that inhibits root and weed growth. Proven by more than 40 years of agricultural use, trifluralin is an effective, non-systemic herbicide. Did you know that Biobarrier's toxicity is less than caffeine, table salt, aspirin and lipstick?

The Root Control System prevents tree roots from growing in a zone around the fabric. Biobarrier is placed between the roots and the area to be protected. This creates a barrier that redirects the roots away from the zone, while roots outside the zone continue to grow naturally.

The Weed Control System eliminates weeds and vegetation overgrowth and can be used for various applications. Used like a landscape fabric and then covered with two inches of mulch, gravel or soil, Biobarrier inhibits weeds both above and below the fabric. It is frequently placed in areas where mechanical trimming or the spraying of herbicides is required.

As you can see by the case studies below, no project is too big or too small for Biobarrier!

 Commercial / Industrial / Provincial / Municipal / Residential
 VIA Rail - Vegetation Control  Septic System 2 - Tree Roots
 High Rise Building Roof - Vegetation Control  Septic System 1 - Tree Roots
 Preventing Tree Roots from Damaging Paved Road  Phragmite Control in Joliette, QC
 West Windsor Hydro - Vegetation Control  Steep Slope Application for Weed Control
 BC Hydro - Lynn Valley Substation  Vertical Installation for Invasive Roots
 7 Years Later - Hydro Québec power station in  Shawinigan  Hydro Québec 70,000 sq. ft. power station
 Hydro Québec power stations in Schefferville,  Sorel  Root System in Vaudreuil, QC
 Weed Control in Laval, QC  Levee
 Playground  Guardrail for Transport Quebec 
 Vinegar Tree Roots Invading Swimming Pool  Park Stands and Bleachers
 Soucy Park, Delson, QC  Just a sample of the over 20 installations for Ultramar  service stations: MascouchePiedmont 
 Ultramar St-Laurent Pipeline  Astral communications antennas
 Electrified fences for Transport Quebec   Bell, Rogers and Videotron telecommunications sites 
 Underground Reservoir for a School  Gaz Métro Natural Gas pressure reduction stations   
 Creating a weed free barrier for Agropur  Municipal Park in Montreal
 Metal Grills on sidewalks for the town of Val-David   Green Roof Emergency Services Headquarters in Ajax 
 Phragmite control in Beauharnois & Bois de Filion    Street medians in Kirkland
 Putting Surface at a Golf Course  High Street Project in Surrey, BC
 Curbing plant growth for the city of St.Laurent   Flower Mosiacs for the city of Trois Rivières 
 Fire hydrants   Bicycle Path, Laval, QC

 Septic Tanks  Below Ground Structures
 Tree Roots invading Sewer Pipes  Protecting foundations in Montreal and Ottawa
 Flower Beds in Pincourt, St. Laurent, Val-David  Grass won't grow, but weeds do!
 Driveways & Walkways  Eliminating Field Horsetail 
 Placing Biobarrier under a spruce tree   Swimming pool protection in Dollard des Ormeaux,  Gatineau, London

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Biobarrier Overview

Year after year, Biobarrier will increase the ROI for your maintenance dollars....after all, Biobarrier's performance is guaranteed for 15 years!

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