TYPAR is a leading supplier of ground and soil reinforcement products such as GrassCarpet, TurfProtecta, Typave 25 and BodPave 85.

GRASSPROTECTA mesh reinforces grassed surfaces prone to wear, rutting and smearing. The oscillated mesh structure has been designed to increase traction and improve slip resistance by up to 97% compared to standard straight oriented meshes. 
 Pedestrian Area  
 Crevier Park 
 Film Production 
 Additional Parking Space  
 Community Garden  

 GrassProtecta Brochure
 GrassProtecta Installation Guide
 GrassProtecta Case Study - On the Set of a Film Production
 GrassProtecta Case Study - Temporary Parking Area
 GrassProtecta Case Study - Stadium Parking
 GrassProtecta Case Study - Vehicle & Wheelchair Access
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