TYPAR Geocells are a unique new cellular confinement system of heavy-duty, time-proven TYPAR geotextile fabric cells constructed in a honeycomb formation. The water or soil application determines the product size needed; the application also determines the type of fill used because the fill influences the final hydraulic properties.

Folded into an accordion shape for easy transportation and a small logistical footprint, a TYPAR Geocells unit is expanded on site and filled with a ballast material such as sand, stones, all soil types, mulch or other material. If desired, it can offer an excellent environment for re-vegetation. The three-dimensional cellular design allows for custom sizes, configuration and adaptability to a variety of terrains. No special training is needed to use the system.

Each TYPAR Geocells functions as a single unit, and units can be solidly interlocked in various configurations without complicated joints or fear of their failure. Fill the TYPAR Geocells units with equipment or by hand, using the supplied metal frame. Building self-supporting vertical or setback higher walls is easy; simply fill one unit, place another one on top and ill it.

Cost-efficient and project-effective TYPAR Geocells are a stable, strong and durable barrier to earth and water movement.

To see the extraordinary results of Typar Geocells, watch these amazing videos showing how their use effectively warded off emerging flood waters.
Video - Kentucky 2011
Video - Proven Flood Protection

Slope Deterioration - Bluewater, ON
Pathway - Rawdon, QC

TYPAR Geocells applications include:
  • Flood Control
  • Earth Reinforcement
  • Ground Stabilisation
  • Drainage
  • Erosion & Sediment Control
  • Load support

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